My Language Center – Çertifikuar nga Microsoft

My Language Center – Çertifikuar nga Microsoft

My Language Center – Qender Kursesh qe prej 12 Nentorit 2016, eshte certifikuar nga “Microsoft Education” me titullin “Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator“.

Ashtu sikurse ne kerkojme nga nxenesit dhe studentet tane qe te japin me te miren, qe te jene me te miret ashtu duhet te kerkojme edhe ne nga vetvetja se pari.

Zhvillimet qe ndodhin me nje ritem te shpejte ne ditet tona na japin mundesine qe ti plotesojme dhe te ndjekim dhe te jemi pjese e nje komuniteti ky qellimi kryesor eshte zhvillimi dhe mbeshtetja e edukimit.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Cell Phone

                                                         Advantages and Disadvantages of cell phone
Cell phone is a good thing because I can talk to people abroad. My father is in Greece and I talk to him by using cell phone. It helps me and my family to stay connected to him. I know many people who talk with their family by using Skype on their cell phone. This is a good thing because people save money.

      I use cell phone to play games. I have many downloaded games on my cell phone. I play games with my friends. This is a way of entertaining and I enjoy passing free times. As there is no place to go, I pass free time by using cell phone. I see many things on internet. I also listen to music. Music relax my mind.

      I know that cell phone has some disadvantages. One disadvantages is that cell phone damage my eyes. This is a bad thing for my health.
Another disadvantage is that cell phone makes me non-sociable. It makes me not concentrating on my family, friends or other things. It makes me to lose connection with the real world. Sometimes, I spend to much time on my cell phone and I do not have time to play with my friends, to do my home work or to do other things.

      As a conclusion I should be careful using cell phone. Cell phone helps me a lot but at the same time has its own disadvantages .

An essay by Danjel
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