Advantages and Disadvantages of Cell Phone

                                                         Advantages and Disadvantages of cell phone
Cell phone is a good thing because I can talk to people abroad. My father is in Greece and I talk to him by using cell phone. It helps me and my family to stay connected to him. I know many people who talk with their family by using Skype on their cell phone. This is a good thing because people save money.

      I use cell phone to play games. I have many downloaded games on my cell phone. I play games with my friends. This is a way of entertaining and I enjoy passing free times. As there is no place to go, I pass free time by using cell phone. I see many things on internet. I also listen to music. Music relax my mind.

      I know that cell phone has some disadvantages. One disadvantages is that cell phone damage my eyes. This is a bad thing for my health.
Another disadvantage is that cell phone makes me non-sociable. It makes me not concentrating on my family, friends or other things. It makes me to lose connection with the real world. Sometimes, I spend to much time on my cell phone and I do not have time to play with my friends, to do my home work or to do other things.

      As a conclusion I should be careful using cell phone. Cell phone helps me a lot but at the same time has its own disadvantages .

An essay by Danjel
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